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Get Ready For Summer Driving Checkup

Are you planning an adventure? A road trip to Alaska or a weekend trip to Kelowna? Or maybe taking the kids to Disneyland? Either way, the heat of summer driving will test your vehicle's safety and comfort systems. Make sure your car will perform reliably. Hyack Excel Tire can help. Call us today, and make an appointment before your summer road trip.

A/C control button

A/C Service
- Licensed Technician

Does your A/C feel less cold than it used to or is the A/C system cycling (on and off) frequently?

If so, it's time for an A/C service.

Putting off this service may allow small problems to grow into larger, more expensive repairs.

Leaks are the most common problem associated with automotive A/C.

Hyack Excel Tire is licensed to repair automotive A/C units. We have highly skilled and experienced techs, the correct equipment and refrigerant in stock.

Our service includes :

  • pressure testing, to ensure no leaks,
  • removing refrigerant under vacuum, to extract moisture and allow system to dry, and
  • recharging the system with the correct refrigerant.

If the moisture is not extracted, internal corrosion or rust may cause your A/C to operate inefficiently or stop working all together. This "drying" process alone takes 45 to 60 minutes. Any shop that promises to return your vehicle within 1 hour is taking short cuts.

close up image of tire

Tire Rotation - even wear

Tire Rotation is the second most important tire maintenance practice you can follow, even for AWD vehicles.

The two main reasons to rotate your tires is money (extend the useful life of your tires) and safety (it could be your family in the car). A new set of tires can range from $500 up to $1,600 and more. The longer they last, the less they will cost you per day of driving. An even wearing tire will be more reliable when responding to emergent breaking or turns; or adverse road conditions like pot holes or unstable surfaces. A tire with uneven wear has a weak spot.

To get the best performance, longest tire life and safest driving experience you want to have your tires rotated approximately 10,000 km or every other oil change.

You can check with your car's user-manual or come in to Hyack Excel Tire; our experienced tech staff can look up the specific recommendations of each vehicle manufacturer and assess the condition of your tires.

If you are still running your winter tires, give us a call - we'll get things sorted for you!

trany work

Transmission Check

Transmissions in modern cars work well and most of the time are trouble free. So the tendency is to forget to check the automatic transmissions fluid levels.

There will be a level indicator on the transmission fluid dipstick, if you are within the range you are good. Do not overfill!

Next, check the condition of the fluid. Clean automatic transmission fluid is a translucent red color. Under normal wear the colour will become darker and slightly cloudy. If the fluid smells burnt, you should have your transmission checked out.

We recommend changing automatic transmission fluids every 40 to 60,000 km.

If you need help checking your transmission fluid levels, bring it to the Hyack Excel Tire shop, we'll be happy to check it for you.

car brake system

Braking System

Your braking system is one of the most important safety components in your car. The good news, brakes will tell you when they need service.

Some brake pads are designed to "squeal" when they are near the end of their useful life. Checking out brakes as soon as possible could prevent permanent damage to your braking system and save expensive repair costs.

If your brake pedal feels soft, or needs to travel further before the brakes engage, you could have a break fluid leak or air in your brake lines or your rear brakes are out of adjustment. All of these are quick and easy repairs.

It's is a good idea to have your brakes inspected at Hyack Excel Tire before summer gets too busy.

Call us today to schedule an appointment and we will ensure your braking system is working well.

oil change pouring oil into car motor

Oil Change

Oil changes are the best and least expensive way to keep your vehicle running smoothly for many years.

When should I change my oil?

Modern cars are highly technical machines with all aspect of their operation studied by engineers right down to when to change the oil. So we start with looking up the manufacturer's maintenance schedule, and looking at the current condition of the oil.

In general you should look to changing the oil in your vehicle every 5,000 km.

Best practice of long engine life and trouble free operation, is to get your oil changed on a consistent schedule according to the manufacturer's recommendation.

Hyack Excel Tire knows that modern vehicles are designed to require fewer maintenance services than older vehicles. Tune Ups and Oil Changes are preventative maintenance services and are usually scheduled based on your vehicle's user manual.

Check your service records to ensure your vehicle is ready for a summer road trip. Hyack Tire can help you with this, we have a detailed record of every car service we provide. Hyack Tire can compair your service record to your vehicle manufactures recomendations.