Hyack Tire auto repair service team

Greener Auto Repair Shop

At Hyack Excel Tire, we are very concerned about our environmental footprint. The automotive industry is difficult to Green. Over the years, we've taken steps to implement the best practices in order to reduce the impact of automotive repair on the environment.

Recycle Oil

We collect all the oil from our service work and arrange to have this oil recycled into usable automotive products. Safety-Kleen does a great job at oil collecting and refining.

Bulk Oil Reduces Waste

A year ago, we stopped using oil in 1 litre bottles for our service work and went to a bulk oil product provided by AC Delco. We go through about 800 litres of oil per month. By converting to a bulk oil system, we have reduced the number of 1 litre plastic oil containers we use by 93%. That's 9,000 1 litre plastic containers we've kept out of the landfill or the recycling depot.

Recycle Coolant

We also collect all the radiator coolant from our service work. We take extra steps to make sure none of the radiator fluid goes down the drain by manually draining every radiator we work on. The recycled radiator coolant is made into long-life pink and long-life green coolant that is suitable for older model cars by Clearview and Pacific Rim Coolant Recycling.

Greener Shop Supplies

Every shop has a solvent sink that is used to clean up greasy automotive parts. We have recently changed to an enzyme-based solvent instead of an oil-based solvent. With this new system we simply change the filter on a weekly basis to remove any trapped dirt or metal filings. This enzyme-based solvent is safe enough for the mechanics to wash their hands after a day of working on cars… the old solvent would melt the hairs off your hands and turn your skin red.