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On this Car Care page we will present articles that we have written; and links to informative webpages that discuss topics you may find useful in the ongoing care and maintenance of your vehicle. We will be adding to this page regularly so please come back to this page from time to time to see what is new.

Choosing the right cold weather tire

Today's Tires are complex, each tire model has difference performance characteristics. You can't tell how a tire will perform by its appearance and you can't take them for a test drive. Choosing the right cold weather tire.

This article includes a short video by Consumer Reports, that compares high quality tires and cheap tires in the key performance areas so you can see the difference. Then talk to a Tire Expert - Hyack Excel Tire. We can determine which tire best suites your driving needs.

How to read a Tire

Have you ever wondered what the numbering and lettering on the sidewall of your tire means. Have a look at our article How to read a tire.

Greener Tire Maintenance

Things we can do to make our world "Greener" likely come from small changes we all make to our own behaviour and paying attention to the way we consume goods. Tires are a good example. Many people need their vehicles; Hyack Excel Tire suggests making this choice as "Green" as possible. Here is a simple and effective strategy to ensure you get the most out of your tires - Tire Maintenance

Tire Inspections - Improve Safety

Tires wear through normal use. We recommend a detailed look at your tires once per month, it will not take long if you know what your looking for. Tire Inspection - What to look for.

In the News

Consumer Reports mag cover Aug 2013

We are pleased to see the article written in Consumer Reports "Car Owners Prefer Independent Shops"